Jan 19, 2014


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Character Design detail for the giant monster Cement from my original indie comic Puppets.

Cement is a type of a giant monster known as a golem. He was created through a mixture of advanced machinery and ancient magic. Small by Godzilla's 300 foot tall size Cement is 60 feet tall or around four stories tall.

He is a strange creature who seems to have his own set of complex emotions aside from being a huge "puppet". His history is told by way of a myth of a giant monster who helped the early city fathers create a dam located near the city.

This puppet is controlled by Miette, a 9-year-old girl. Miette is a child prodigy who in her young age is a genius mechanic. She lives with her grandfather above his magic shop in Central City.

Full character sheet for Cement in Central City shows the lighting effect built into the creatures head.

Cement does battle with a series of rival monsters and, guided by Miette, seeks out human villains, in the city. As he fights and searches he does catastrophic collateral amounts of damage to the city.

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