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Title design detail for a short based on from my original indie comic Roaches.

Roaches began as a webcomic from the late winter of 2009 to the early winter of 2010. As an animator, I had spent all of my time working in Graphic Design for agencies or as a Web Designer for large companies.

During an abrupt downturn in the entire American economy, I found myself in a prolonged period of unemployment - along with many of my friends and co-workers. It was time to go back to what got me into the field in the first place - cartooning.

Character Design detail for the main character from my original indie comic Roaches.

Two things happened at this point. I discovered one of my friends comics that made in 2007 and put on and I decided to give it a try myself. His comics were, and arguable are, much more funny than my own. Rom Hunter's Awesome Star Wars (now unavailable) was full of hilarious immaturity: stormtroopers smothering on their own farts and Chewbacca having existential crises.

Character Design detail for more characters from my original indie comic Roaches.

My first webcomic, Roaches, used some basic Illustrator art and was a minor league hit. Instead of being repulsed - people got interested. In fact, some folks got so interested they actually spent weeks posting about how awful it was on the webcomic boards. These negative reviews, which were clearly written by irrational, angry people, did more for me than anything else. All of these professional condemnations drove huge amounts of traffic to my webcomic and earned me quite a few dedicated fans.

Today, I have one edition in print in almost a dozen comics shops in Indiana and Ohio. The second edition is on it's way this year.

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