Jul 21, 2014

Logo Design

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Biotechnology Investment Firm

Logo design can be a tough task! A company's identity, communicated by specific fonts and artwork, is the most critical part of their business presence in the public eye. Here are a few logos that I've worked on recently.

The first logo here was made for a biotechnology investment firm. After browsing for competition logos I found two types of biotech logos: DNA strands and leaves sprouting from the center of a sphere. I didn't want to use either one! Plus, I couldn't really. This company specializes in investment across the board for farming and medicine not just one or the other.

For this, I went in a molecular art direction. Molecules are what chemicals and DNA are at each of their own most basic levels. This seems to work both intellectually and graphically.

Home Improvement Company

This logo, above, is fascinating to me. The direction was to use a local artifact, The Uffington Horse in central England, for a modern and up-market company specializing in modern custom home renovations.

Easy, right? No. But the client, very much to their credit, had a clear and simple goal in mind. The hard part was in combining the ancient with the modern.

Because of this, I didn't want to use too basic of a graphic style. So - out with the flat and starched shirt stuff right away! With a bit more toning than usual I produced two variations of this style of logo.

Employment Agency

Great thing about the way the Internet has shaped business is that I can send work internationally very easily. The Pega Hoy logo was made for a company in Chile!

Medical Logo

Gene Therapy Cures is a very exciting and relatively new part of medical science. The goal for this logo was to be as professional and succinct as possible.

Motocross Company Logo

There is a deep appreciation of graphics made for racing, hot-rods and stockcars in my work that I have had since forever. I see great logos for racing groups from all levels - from Letterman-Andretti to gutsy small companies operating out of garages with one trailer. Above is a logo I made in four variants that was sent out to a motocross company.

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