Roaches in it's second edition.

Comics. I made my first one when I was 12, My second one was published when I was 30. At the time that I made my second one, I hadn't read a regular type of comic since college. Instead, I had been busy pursuing a number of career goals.

When those career goals weren't satisfied I took my frustration to the drawing board. There, I started drawing my unwelcome, freeloading roommates - the cockroaches.

Now, I'm not saying that my building was a dump but - the garbage man brought trash to my building instead of picking it up.

Just kidding, it was really nice. There were some rock and roll types and old school art folks that lived there. But did we have bugs...

Sweet Jesus, these things would eat anything. They ate four different types of poison that I laid out plus most of the "roach glue" that the previous tenant had coated the joint with.

With my feet tucked up underneath me in the computer chair, I digitally inked some of the drawings that I had put down at the neighborhood coffeeshop. No, not a Starbucks, but a real coffeeshop in a real neighborhood. Not a drive-thru in a sprawling shopping plaza. A real coffeeshop.

These drawings made me laugh every time I looked at them. And I've seen years worth of cartoons and comics. After a few weeks, I got 12 or so pages together and started a web comic.

Cover for my comic, Puppets, still at the proposal level for a stand alone version.

Puppets, is a kaiju story that doesn't skimp on characters. This isn't a Godzilla story with some people added into it. It's a tragedy with a giant monster in it.

Cement, the six-story walking nuclear reactor, is not the central character. Miette and her grandfather are the leads. Together they run a magic shop in a really dicey part of town. As they attempt to keep their shop open a series of robberies and murders occur in their neighborhood that the police are unable to stop.

This book is in the proposal stage. Derek Edwards has written the arc out and I would like to have my friend Frankie Washington draw the art. But this is not a quick project. I plan on spending as much time as possible refining the art to be as original and the story...


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