Graphic Design

Good Tides logo created for a surf and skate shop in southern California in 2012.

As an experienced Graphic Design, my professional background has been in both print and web based projects. In multiple capacities from Proofer, Junior Designer and Lead Artist, I have worked for agencies and corporations as well as individual clients. This design experience includes:

  • Branding and Logos
  • Catalogs and E-catalogs
  • Book and Menu Design
  • Banner Advertising
  • Graphics Packages

I can turn around your project whether you need menus for your restaurant or a new web site for your small publishing company.

Advanced Bio Sciences logo created for an American company in 2013.

The best part about being a Graphic Designer is that I am always learning about new industries. There isn't a time when I was working on a clients project in which I didn't learn something. A great deal of the time learning something critical about a client's industry is the key to a project.

Tuf-N-Lite logo created for a commercial construction company in 2006.

Several of my personal favorite jobs involved going on-site for catalog production. That involved touring warehouses, looking at the product and meeting team members. Not only does this make for a much stronger catalog but from a technical point of view it ensures that catalog is as comprehensive as possible and a good reflection of a company.

Grandin Road monthly catalog. Production and digital design work done from 2007 to 2010

Aside from freelance clients, I have also worked for several large companies within their design departements. One of these was Cinmar where I worked for three years as a Graphic Designer on two monthly catalogs and then as a Web Designer for the two websites attached to these book.

Graphics for software created at Ball State University from 2010 to 2012.

As a Senior Designer, at an academic institute within Ball State University, I worked on several core cirriculum courses for the school. I created graphics and animation for proprietary Learning Management Software.


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