Real Estate Development
A graphic made for use in marketing a residential real estate development.

First off, there are infographics and then there is illustration. These two can work together. They can do this without being pure data rendered by vectors or fully painted imagery that sweeps across the page. The graphic above is semi-3d/ortho image made from a flat subdivision plan.

This graphic is currently being used as part of a marketing campaign to develop that area.

Dead Kosmonaut
A graphic made to promote an international group for comic artists and creators.

This first graphic moved very quickly. I knew that I needed the central elements in this illustration at the start. I found some great images of astronaut/cosmonaut helmets and skulls. Then, I took them all into Photoshop and combined them. Next, I used them as a base and sketched out a rough drawing over the top of the composite art and colored the whole thing.

The final steps involved finding a way to fill in the back ground. Luckily, I subscribe to a few observatories (Griffin and Hubble). After finding some great nebula photos, I touched them up and incorporated them into the background. The dominant purple color in the nebula influenced the color for the text and is picked up on the space suit.

The text itself needed some work. I wanted to show a distorted and technological quality in the text but also for it to remain legible. There are a few layers of interference in the text presentation.

Roaches Comic Cards
These cards are part of a set made for my comic Roaches.

My original webcomic (and comic series) Roaches is getting ready for new chapters. The new stories are less gag oriented and more long form plots.

Bookmarks made to promote my indie comics at comic conventions.

Mini-comics! I love them. Believe it or not I can fill up 12 pages worth of art very quickly. The problem here is that some pages in no way or form follow one storyline. In most of them there are no "main characters" but they each seem to be reacting to the same event like a car crash on busy city street.

I've got pencil pages for four mini-comics just like that - including Chicks.

Background art for an animated short.

Above is the first of 26 background panels for an animated short that I am also working on. It's a 2d production that I animating, designing and directing.

Video Game Logo

This last one was used for pitch to a video game company. The art for it uses some of the best of my rendering skills. If you look close you can see axe marks in the shield and some reflected light on the bottom part of the shield.


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