Web Design

Web Design
A web site design for a health and beauty clinic in Victoria, Australia.

A web presence today is critical. Twenty years ago, we were all lucky to have an email address. Today, sites are handed out like Halloween candy. What kind of site do you have? A Snickers? Reese's Pieces? Can everyone's browser digest your particular site? How well does the site reflect your brand?

Web Design
Re-branding and PSD lay-out for a post-production studio.

Above, are a few examples of where good design can highlight and emphasize the extraordinary aspects of the company that provides them. These aren't templates, or "fun-sized", versions of websites. These are one-of-kind, handmade treats. The difference is clear.

Web Design
A web site design for an innovative IT solutions company in Australia.

The point is: does your site reflect the extraordinary in you company? Is your primary web presence dated? We specialize creating a modern, responsive web sites. Our sites are viewable on nearly any device from a Blackberry to an iMac.

Does your site look the same across multiple browsers? Chrome, Explorer and Firefox are radically different browsers. Is your site responsive to these types of viewers?

Comic Publisher
Dynamic site created for Red Anvil Comics a New Jersey based publishing company created in 2013.

The next question is how well can an out-dated, that was pieced together, represent your company? Shouldn't your web presence be the total package? Adopting industry standards ensures that every viewer will see and experience your core site with the same level of detail.

  • Brand Consistent Sites
  • Cross-Browser Integration
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Encoding
  • WC3 Validated Code
  • Graphics Packages

With this framework in place, we can get creative about relaying critical info, that can be dry when presented in paragraph after paragraph, and connect to your audience with graphics and simple tools.

Site designed for a mail order specialty foods company based in Australia.

Your company is a unique thing. Your time and energy, whether as the founder or as the manager of your company's marketing efforts, is aimed at establishing and maintaining an image of professionalism and expertise then communicating that to the marketplace.

  • Communicate Innovation
  • Communicate Ease Of Usage
  • Communicate With A Wide Audience
  • Communicate Complex Information

A strong web site is the best way to realize all of these goals.

Digital Interface design in Flash for RYTEC/Anheuser-Busch in 2007.

What about site specific sales tools?

What about agile and easily implemented tools used as add-ons to your existing site? These tools can be used in stand alone or integrated capacities. These tools are designed to be brand specific applications that seamlessly fit into existing sites.

Digital Interface designed for Cinmar/Frontgate.com 2009.

Specific sales tools generate sales. It's simple. How these tools are developed and how they are implemented are the only real variables in making online traffic into online sales.

What do you need? How fast do you need it?


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